Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! This is my journey, my first steps into the world of fictional writing. This blog is an online journal of sorts, where I share the progress of my work as well as what I have learned along the way. I hope you enjoy your time with me and that my experience may be of some use to you.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Current Projects part 30

Welcome back,
           This past month was quiet at work, most likely due to the start of summer. People are getting ready for their vacations, which means less customer requests coming in. This is great, because it means I get more time to concentrate on my writing. I also got to enjoy some of my own time off, which was way overdue.
           While taking a look at the month of July, I realised that many different countries celebrate Independence during this month. I tried to be inspired by this holiday while searching for a theme for this month's articles, and came up with a couple of ideas.
The first idea will be in the form of a writing prompt, and will explore the idea of freedom ,or more precisely, how the lack of freedom can affect different characters. My second idea is an inspiration post about horses. I have been working on it for a while now, and thought independence day may be a suitable time for it.
Also this month, we will have a familiar face come back; author Andy Peloquin will be returning to share with us what he has been up to, and to promote his latest book, which is due to be released later this month.
As for progress on my own book, I managed to complete yet another of my character sheets. Elsa Eisenberg, one of my story’s background characters, will have a short but important role. Her presence in the story will mainly serve to help establish the villains cruelty and methods. Writing Elsa was a different kind of challenge, as it required me to do some unusual research; different types of cat species. With Elsa completed, I moved on to another villainous character, Mei Wan (a.k.a. Misery), who will be another henchmen to the main antagonist. This character will be interesting to write, as she is completely crazy!
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In regards of new material from Missing Worlds Media, there hasn’t been any lore related content released from last month. One article did get published however, this one giving details to our plans regarding subscriptions and possible pay methods. You can read the full article on our kickstarter page:

I would like to mention that I am always looking for more authors to interview. If you, or anyone you know, is a published author and would be interested in having an interview posted on my blog, feel free to contact me. It is a great opportunity to share advice you may have with other writers, as well as free publicity for your own work.

Twitter: @OzmosisCoH
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On that note, I would like to wish you all a happy Independence day! Thank you all for dropping by, your continued support is always appreciated. I hope to see you all at next month's progress update.
           Until then.

Patrick Osborne