Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! This is my journey, my first steps into the world of fictional writing. This blog is an online journal of sorts, where I share the progress of my work as well as what I have learned along the way. I hope you enjoy your time with me and that my experience may be of some use to you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Current Projects 14

Welcome back!

        March is going to be busy; with two holidays, three birthdays, the end of the fiscal year, tax season, vendor events and work coming in from multiple fronts. I’m going to be pulling my hair out before the month is over! Regardless of work and time constraints, I plan on getting as much writing done as possible.

St-Patrick’s Day!


So March has both St-Patrick’s day and Easter this year, neither of which really inspired me to come up a theme for this month articles. After losing time and being unsuccessful to come up with a suitable theme, I decided to stop questioning myself and simply post content that I had as of yet not associated with any specific topic.

    Which brings me to the first point to be addressed; my blogging. I will be dropping my number of monthly posts from six down to five (and possibly even four). The reason is I simply can’t balance my workload and my personal life. My original plan was to have a first draft of my story completed and ready for review by December, but seeing as we are already March and I only have two full character sheets done out of a possible fifteen, then it just does not seem plausible. Not to mention I still have research to do, setting details to nail down and locations to work on, I am nowhere near ready to get started, much less finish.

My blog’s monthly content will still be the same (book reviews, writing lessons, research, interviews, etc), the only difference being some articles may skip a month. Fortunately after a year of posting, I already have a lot of content to refer to and republish in order to keep generating interest. By reducing my monthly posts, I will free up some time to work on my book and other projects.

Speaking of my other writing projects, my new assignment from Missing Worlds Media is coming along nicely. I have finished my first pass at writing Plot Tokens for the villain storyline and have submitted the final document for review. Presently, I am doing a second pass, this time creating a different set of Tokens meant to give players background information on the story, setting and characters.

Former players of City of Heroes may find these similar to the rewards known as clues or souvenirs which we used to receive during missions. Not everyone took the time to read them, but they were a nice little addition to the game that helped flesh out the CoH lore, and was appreciated by the hardcore Fans, Collectors and Role-Players.

As for my own book, I completed the description sheet of another main character this month; Carter Harris. Without revealing too many details, I can say he is going to be a colorful, yet questionable character in my story. Carter will be a kind of walking contradiction, having powers that won’t fit his personality. It will be interesting to see how he copes with that situation in a storyline. With Carter now completed, I moved on to my next character, the evil henchman named Ivan Maddox.

I was working on a new scene this month, which brought a previously overlooked detail to my attention. My main character Walker is covered in magical writings which, if a section is damaged, will cause certain negative effects to occur. Now, I had a clear idea of what was going to happen in this particular scene and how it would happened, but it dawned on me that this idea needed to be thought through. Being an avid fan of certain franchises, I know how annoying it can be when errors occur in a story (example: say a character is left handed in chapter one, but right handed in chapter twenty). So if I’m going to say Walker has this effect after sustaining this injury, I need to note it down for future reference. This idea, though simple enough at first, turned out to be way more complicated than expected. I suddenly found myself having to note not just one, but over thirty different magic writings, their locations on his body and what effect they would have if destroyed. So long story short, I started a new worksheet entitled “Walker’s Tattoo Map” to keep track of all of this information.

Another small detail; after the loss my first timeline spreadsheet because of my laptop crashing… I finally got around to starting a new one. Though this one already has more characters, locations and items to keep track of.

The comic book project I have been working on since October is almost complete, my part in the project anyway. All copyright sources have been contacted and permissions acquired. The remainder of the project now goes on to the exhibition team, who will design and set up the project. The art exhibition itself, called Alter Ego, is due to take place between May 2nd and october 2nd, 2016. Expect pictures to appear on my blog once it does.

Happy Easter!

That is all I have to report for this month. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to visit my blog, it is truly appreciated. Wishing you all a Happy Easter and St-Patrick’s day! May you all get to indulge in cream-filled chocolate eggs and green beer, just don’t do both at the same time!

Until next time.


            Patrick Osborne